FarmWeb News 18/12/2013

Wednesday 18 Dec 2013

The campaign by the farming community to ban sky lanterns has been strengthened by a large fire in Gloucester. Over 50 caravans were destroyed in the blaze believed to have been caused by sky lanterns, dozens of which were released from a clubhouse on the site.

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FarmWeb News - 25/11/2013

Monday 25 Nov 2013

The good autumn planting conditions are predicted to lead to a more normal crop mix for the 2014 harvest. The area of wheat is forecast to rise by 22%, winter barley by 55% and oilseed rape by 3% with corresponding falls in spring plantings. The increased wheat plantings should see the UK return to the export market.

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FarmWeb News 08/11/2013

Friday 08 Nov 2013

A farming charity has said that the poor weather in 2012 and early 2013 has led to a significant increase in farm debt and calls to its helpline. With incomes being badly hit, many farmers extended their credit limits with banks and suppliers and are struggling to pay the debts off.

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FarmWeb News - 22/10/2013

Tuesday 22 Oct 2013

DEFRA has announced a fund to help farmers set up small anaerobic digestion (AD) plants on their farms. The money is available in two phases, firstly to fund a business case on the suitability of the scheme and secondly up to £400,000 to cover 50% of the cost of the plant.  Research is going on into converting the methane produced by AD into bio fuel for farm machinery.

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FarmWeb News 07/10/2013

Monday 07 Oct 2013

In sharp contrast to last year, the planting of winter oilseed rape and cereals is moving ahead at a considerable pace. Farmers are confident that their planned acreages will be achieved this year.

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FarmWeb News - 13/09/2013

Friday 13 Sep 2013

According to the agricultural experts, ADAS, the recent good weather has led to almost perfect harvest conditions and the best wheat harvest for five years. A Lincolnshire farmer set a new yield record for wheat by achieving 14.31 tonnes per hectare off a 9 hectare plot.

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FarmWeb News 02/09/2013

Monday 02 Sep 2013

The rising price of UK farmland continues to make the headlines. Latest figures show the average price rose to £7,440 per acre in the first six months of this year. A 13 acre block, in Cheshire, went for over £12,000 an acre pushing the average for that area to £8,800/acre. Tenants have expressed concerns that this will lead to rent increases.

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FarmWeb News 13/08/2013

Tuesday 13 Aug 2013

The hot dry spell has brought the winter barley harvest forward with quality and yields said to be better than expected. The acreage of wheat to be harvested is the lowest since 2001.  Oilseed rape yields, so far, are 10% up on 2012. Early results across the country are variable.

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FarmWeb News 23/07/2013

Tuesday 23 Jul 2013

Following investment in automotive and other key industries, the government has announced the £160m Agricultural Technologies Strategy.  The aim of the Strategy is to ensure that agricultural research and science remain world leading.

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FarmWeb News 08/07/2013

Monday 08 Jul 2013

Birds Eye has promised to use only British and Irish beef in its burgers from the end of June 2013 and to extend this policy to all other red meat products and ready-meals by the end of this year.

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FarmWeb News - 25/06/2013

Tuesday 25 Jun 2013

The HSE has announced a number of Safety & Health Awareness Days for this year, as part of its ongoing programme. The days give free advice to farmers on how to avoid the common causes of accidents and ill health on farms. In the latest court case, a farmer was fined £120,000 following the death of a worker in a tractor with no cab or roll bar.

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FarmWeb News 31/05/2013

Friday 31 May 2013

The HSE has warned farmers about the dangers of slurry storage as farms get bigger and the need for more storage rises.  Whilst most deaths and injuries have been caused by falling into the slurry store, there are great dangers in the lethal gases given off when the slurry is disturbed.

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FarmWeb News 09/05/2013

Thursday 09 May 2013

The poor quality of UK wheat, currently on the market, has forced Weetabix to cut production of some of its cereal ranges.  The company is committed to sourcing UK wheat but the quality and quantity was adversely affected by growing conditions last year.  UK wheat imports generally, are likely to have doubled to over 2m tonnes by the end of June 2013.

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FarmWeb News 22/04/2013

Monday 22 Apr 2013

Livestock farmers are complaining that the late spring has added to their production costs. Grass pasture is up to six weeks behind and most have to buy in extra forage to tide them over. For dairy farmers, this is adding 3-4p/litre to their costs.

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FarmWeb News 08/04/2013

Monday 08 Apr 2013

The debate on neonicotinoid pesticides continues with the EU decision to defer the ban on their use for two years.  The pesticides are claimed to harm bees but conflicting evidence has been put forward for and against their use.  They account for 24% of the pesticide market so form an important means of controlling pests.

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FarmWeb News 20/03/2013

Friday 22 Mar 2013

As Easter approaches and the number of farm visits rise, farmers are being reminded of their responsibility to visitors and to follow industry guidelines to reduce the risk of infections.  Pregnant women are particularly at risk.

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FarmWeb News 04/03/2013

Monday 04 Mar 2013

The demand for quality assured beef and lamb, in the light of the horsemeat scandal, is forecast to remain strong for the next twelve months.  With supplies tight across Europe, prices are set to remain high and exports to rise.

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FarmWeb News 14/02/2013

Thursday 14 Feb 2013

The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) has been resurrected following its fall into administration in 2011.  The Group is working with the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) and aims to expand to cover the whole country in due course.

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FarmWeb News 30/01/2013

Wednesday 30 Jan 2013

Farmers with telecommunication masts on their property are coming under pressure to accept lower rentals on the grounds that the masts may become uneconomic and therefore decommissioned.  The move follows increased consolidation and equipment sharing within the industry.  There are 60,000 installations in the UK and the rental can be worth up to £5,000 or more.

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FarmWeb News 14/01/2013

Monday 14 Jan 2013

Despite the fact that the Government referred to the Schmallenberg disease as "low impact", losses have continued to rise.  The disease is present on over 900 farms across Great Britain with losses of up to 50% of lambs being reported.  No vaccine is available yet.

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