FarmWeb News - 21/12/2016

Wednesday 21 Dec 2016

Defra has refused to meet further with the farmers who allege they were poisoned by the use of organophosphate (OP) sheep dip, on the grounds that no new scientific evidence has come to light since the last meeting a year ago. A total of 634 farmers are alleged to have been affected since 1985 but there has never been enough evidence to sustain a case on their behalf.

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FarmWeb News - 08/12/2016

Thursday 08 Dec 2016

Farmers are keen to raise the profile of the Red Tractor assurance scheme, post Brexit, as a means to distinguish UK produce from competitors. The scheme is due for its three-year review in 2017 and farm leaders are actively lobbying the Government.

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FarmWeb News - 24/11/2016

Thursday 24 Nov 2016

Now that the route for the second phase of HS2 has been confirmed, the NFU (E&W) has set out areas of concern on behalf of its members. These include speedy planning decisions to replace demolished buildings, preservation of landscapes, habitats and soil quality and interest to be paid on any late compensation payments.

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FarmWeb News - 9/11/2016

Wednesday 09 Nov 2016

Arla Foods is to raise the price it pays milk producers again, the third price rise in the last three months. Meadow Foods, Dairy Crest, Muller and First Milk have also announced rises for November and December but producers still complain they are too small and are going up at “a snail’s pace”.

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FarmWeb News - 26/10/2016

Wednesday 26 Oct 2016

With the current TB eradication programme coming to an end, the Welsh Government is formulating a new plan based on establishing “Low, Intermediate and High TB incidence areas”, across the country. A badger cull is not part of the plan but trapping and destroying infected badgers may be considered. Whilst badger vaccination is still under consideration, there is no prospect of the vaccine being available in 2017. The response of farmers is mixed with some anger that the proposals do not go far enough.

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FarmWeb News - 12/10/2016

Wednesday 12 Oct 2016

The Defra Secretary has re-stated the Government aim of producing the 25 year plans for Food and Farming and The Environment. The Plans were delayed from the summer due to the referendum and with agriculture accounting for over 70% of UK land use the two plans are interlinked.

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FarmWeb News - 22/09/2016

Thursday 22 Sep 2016

The proposed EU Milk Production Reduction Scheme is now open for applications. Farmers can choose one of the three-month reduction periods starting between October 2016 and January 2017. They will be paid 12p for every litre of reduced milk supply, out of the €150m fund. The scheme is aimed at countering the oversupply of milk to help bolster prices.

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FarmWeb News - 08/09/2016

Thursday 08 Sep 2016

As forecast, new areas for the badger cull to combat bovine TB have been confirmed. Parts of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Cornwall, Devon and Dorset will be added to the existing cull area. In addition, more advice on bio security will be issued to farmers and consultations will take place on enhanced testing and future control measures.

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FarmWeb News - 25/08/2016

Thursday 25 Aug 2016

The Chancellor has promised that the current level of primary support under the CAP will be guaranteed until 2020 as part of the transition to new domestic arrangements, following the decision to leave the EU. Farming leaders have reacted positively at this injection of short-term certainty for the industry. The support is worth around £3bn per year and there are calls for it to be aimed more at smaller farms and away from large estates. The future of environmental schemes remains uncertain but a recent survey shows the public are keen for more emphasis to be placed on the environment.

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FarmWeb News - 11/08/2016

Thursday 11 Aug 2016

The latest rural crime survey from NFU Mutual shows the cost has reached £42.5m per year. Thefts of quad bikes and equine equipment have reduced but livestock rustling in the South West and high-value tractor thefts in the East of England are a big problem.

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FarmWeb News - 27/07/2016

Wednesday 27 Jul 2016

Horticulture leaders have asked for urgent consideration of the issue of non-UK workers following Brexit. Whilst the whole sector is reliant on foreign seasonal workers it has been pointed out that many firms also rely on them in full-time roles and their continued presence is critical to the sector which, historically has been unable to recruit UK nationals.

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FarmWeb News - 13/07/2016

Wednesday 13 Jul 2016

The Game Fair is set to take place this month, as planned despite the CLA pulling out of the event last year. Plans are in place up to 2021 with the event alternating between Ragley Hall, Warwickshire this year and Hatfield House, Hertfordshire.

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FarmWeb News - 29/06/2016

Wednesday 29 Jun 2016

Now in its 11th year, Open Farm Sunday saw 400 farms open to the public with over 250,000 visitors, an all-time high. The event was given much more publicity this year, particularly on social media.

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FarmWeb News - 09/06/2016

Thursday 09 Jun 2016

Police statistics show that there have been over 2,000 sheep worrying incidents involving attacks by dogs in the last two years. Recent high profile incidents have led to a conference with delegates from the farming and dog sectors seeking solutions to the problem.

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FarmWeb News - 26/05/2016

Thursday 26 May 2016

Despite clear evidence that the banning of the treatment of oilseed rape seed with neonicotinoids has had a significant detrimental effect on yields, Defra has rejected a request by the NFU (E&W) for emergency use this autumn. Neonicotinoids have been linked to the decline in the bee population and their use is currently suspended.

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FarmWeb News - 12/05/2016

Thursday 12 May 2016

Defra has announced an easing of the overly-bureaucratic livestock movement rules in England. From July new rules will allow farmers free movement of their animals between their own registered holdings, within a 10-mile radius, without triggering reporting requirements or movement restrictions. The current requirements will continue to apply to movements both outside of this radius and to other farms and businesses.

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FarmWeb News - 27/04/2016

Wednesday 27 Apr 2016

The Council of the NFU (E&W) has voted to back the campaign to remain in the EU although the NFU itself will not be actively canvassing nor will it influence the views of members. The vote comes after a series of 28 roadshows around the country and it is accepted that farmers are by no means unanimous in supporting the Council view. Meanwhile farmers across the UK are considering what will replace the current £3bn CAP subsidy and how any UK scheme would differ from it.

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FarmWeb News - 14/04/2016

Thursday 14 Apr 2016

NFU Mutual has disclosed general business underwriting profits of £281m on premium income, up 2.4% to £1.362bn, in 2015. This result comes despite an estimated cost of £50m for the December floods. Close control of costs left a healthy combined operating ratio of 77.5%. There was strong growth in life and pension sales and a promise to remove the charge for direct debit payments on general business from July 2016.

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FarmWeb News - 31/03/2016

Thursday 31 Mar 2016

The number of cattle slaughtered, in England, due to bovine TB, rose by 6% to 28,033 in 2015. The situation was worse in Wales with a rise of 27% to 8,103.

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FarmWeb News - 17/03/2016

Thursday 17 Mar 2016

Farmers in England can now log in to the Rural Payments Agency to begin the process of applying for their 2016 BPS payments. However, around 15,000 have not yet received their 2015 payment. Those still outstanding are the more complex cases with payment promised by the end of March. There are industry calls for yet a further inquiry into the failings of the RPA.

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FarmWeb News - 03/03/2016

Thursday 03 Mar 2016

The two Defra ministers are divided on the subject of the EU. Liz Truss paints a gloomy picture of potential tariffs and long negotiations over trade agreements. George Eustice believes that the existing two-way trade will continue unaffected and national control over subsidies to UK farming would be beneficial. Farm leaders have challenged the Government to spell out the effects on farming of staying and leaving and have commissioned research on different scenarios.

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FarmWeb News - 18/02/2016

Thursday 18 Feb 2016

The Welsh Government has suggested that the abandoned pilot badger vaccination scheme could restart in 2017. The FUW has criticised the pilot as wasteful and ineffective as it cost £700 per badger vaccinated and had no effect on TB disease levels. There was a 25% rise in the number of cattle culled because of TB in the twelve months to September 2015. It has been disclosed that the cost of policing the badger culls in the three areas in England cost £1.7m in 2015.

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FarmWeb New - 04/02/2016

Thursday 04 Feb 2016

A number of changes have been proposed to the Countryside Stewardship Scheme after it was branded a “disaster” by NFU (E&W) Council members. Applications for funds are now on a competitive basis but the main stumbling block for applicants appears to be the complexity of the scheme and the 800 pages of guidance.

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FarmWeb News - 21/01/2016

Thursday 21 Jan 2016

Defra has confirmed that badger culling will be rolled out more widely, across England in 2016, with final details awaited. In addition, post movement TB testing will be extended and extra testing will be required before a herd with a breakdown is declared clear.

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