FarmWeb News - 04/10/2017

Wednesday 04 Oct 2017

Estate owners in Scotland will begin to find out, this week, how much the new sporting tax will cost them. Land suitable for sporting activities e.g. shooting and stalking, will be evaluated and charged irrespective of whether the land is used for such activities. Sporting rates were abandoned in the 1990s and their reintroduction has been criticised by land agents and owners. Doubt has been cast on the Scottish Government forecast that the rates will raise £4m revenue.

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FarmWeb News - 20/09/2017

Wednesday 20 Sep 2017

UK fruit and vegetable exports rose by 17% and 13%, respectively, last year to totals of £116m and £109m. However, they were dwarfed by imports of vegetables at £2.3bn and fruit at £3.6bn. Almost 60% of imported vegetables and salad crops came from Spain and the Netherlands. Imports of fruit came mainly from Spain (21%) and South Africa (11%).

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FarmWeb News - 07/09/17

Thursday 07 Sep 2017

In a twist to machinery thefts a telescopic handler was stolen and subsequently used to rip out an ATM cash machine from a nearby petrol filling station. Similar thefts and attempts have been reported by other rural police forces.

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FarmWeb News - 24/08/2017

Thursday 24 Aug 2017

HSE statistics show that of the 30 fatalities on farms, in the twelve months to March 2017, 27 were farmers and farm workers. Most deaths involved vehicles which together with animals are the main causes of fatalities over the last five years.

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FarmWeb News - 09/08/2017

Wednesday 09 Aug 2017

Defra has made £200m available in the latest round of funding under the Rural Development Fund for England. Rural businesses can apply for funds to invest in new machinery and buildings together with schemes to improve farm productivity and take advantage of rural tourism opportunities.

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FarmWeb News - 27/07/2017

Thursday 27 Jul 2017

The Government has committed to maintain the existing level of support to farmers, in cash terms, until the end of this parliament and has said that the current proportion of that cash, i.e.12%, will continue to be used for rural development and stewardship schemes until at least 2020. The future subsidy regime will lean more towards benefits to the environment and the public rather than how much land is owned, a move supported by the CLA.

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FarmWeb News - 27/06/2017

Tuesday 27 Jun 2017

A survey, by NFU Mutual, showed that 57% of those responding had been the victim of rural crime in the past twelve months, almost half on more than one occasion. Quad bikes, tools and fuel are popular targets with most farmers improving security after a theft. Police forces across the country have started to develop specialist rural crime task forces with North Yorkshire the latest to announce a major initiative.

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FarmWeb News - 08/06/2017

Thursday 08 Jun 2017

At a recent seminar, Bidwells, the land agents suggested that tourism generates more revenue and employment in the rural sector than farming. In support of this statement they state that there are 365 million trips to rural destinations, each year, producing £18.6bn in revenue and supporting 340,000 jobs.

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FarmWeb News - 24/05/2017

Wednesday 24 May 2017

The Welsh Rural Affairs Committee has suggested that a new approach is needed to control TB in cattle. This should include a timetable for eradication, targeted badger culls and the division of the country into risk areas with separate rules on movement and trading. The numbers of new incidents, in both England and Wales have fallen in the last twelve months. However, the number of cattle slaughtered in the UK rose by 5.9% to 39,360.

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FarmWeb News - 13/05/2017

Saturday 13 May 2017

Dairy cattle prices seem to be recovering from the low points of last spring. Prices in March were up around 16% with sale numbers quite low. The current uncertainty on the direction of milk prices is having a dampening effect. Meanwhile prime cattle prices, in Scotland, have shown a modest increase as supply tightens.

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FarmWeb News - 27/04/2017

Thursday 27 Apr 2017

Consultations on the Government’s proposed “25-year plan” for food farming and the environment were supposed to have been published last summer but have been held up a number of times. The latest indication from the Government is that they will be formulated “during this parliament”. Farmers and environmentalists are both keen to see them.

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FarmWeb News - 13/04/2017

Thursday 13 Apr 2017

There is further deadlock in the EU on the question of GM crops. Not enough States voted against the introduction of two new maize varieties leaving the final decision to the President. Most States are against GM with only one variety of maize authorised for growing.

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FarmWeb News - 30/03/2017

Thursday 30 Mar 2017

An immigration minister has said he does not see enough evidence to justify a seasonal agricultural workers scheme despite the Brexit minister taking almost the opposite view just a few hours earlier. Such a scheme is felt to be essential by fruit and vegetable growers who employ 85,000 seasonal workers, mainly from Eastern Europe.

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FarmWeb News - 15/03/2017

Wednesday 15 Mar 2017

Concern is growing that little progress is being made towards agreeing a UK framework for agriculture despite Brexit being a little more than two years away. Whilst control over agriculture is devolved, the FUW, in particular is keen to have an overall framework to minimise unfair competition and funding levels.

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FarmWeb News - 28/02/2017

Tuesday 28 Feb 2017

Farming organisations are lobbying the Government to look again at the new business rates. Livery yards, equestrian centres and livestock marts look to be at particular risk of having their financial viability put at risk because of the increases.

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FarmWeb News - 15/02/2017

Wednesday 15 Feb 2017

The dairy processing company, Arla Foods has announced a £37.5m investment in its UK sites and logistics in 2017. This is a 51% increase on 2016 and forms part of its global growth strategy.

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FarmWeb News - 01/02/2017

Wednesday 01 Feb 2017

Figures from the Food Standards Agency show the number of dairy farmers in England and Wales fell by 1.6%, to 9,477, in the twelve months to January 2017. A similar fall in Scotland left 957 dairy farms at the end of 2016, the lowest number since records began in 1903.

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FarmWeb News - 19/01/2017

Thursday 19 Jan 2017

The NFU (E&W) said the Grocery Code Adjudicator has made a major difference to the trading practices of the large retailers. Tesco and Iceland have made the biggest improvements, in compliance, over the last twelve months. Aldi and Sainsbury’s are the most compliant with the Code and Morrisons the least. There are calls for the Code to be extended to include ornamental horticulture, such as flowers and shrubs, as this is a growth area for supermarkets.

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FarmWeb News - 06/01/2017

Friday 06 Jan 2017

The Defra Farm Business Survey 2015/16 shows that 62% of farms now have some form of diversification, generating £580m, almost one third of farm income across England. This represents a rise of 9% on the previous year. Agricultural contracting and renewable energy generation are popular with letting buildings for non-agricultural use and on-farm processing and sale of produce the most profitable.

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FarmWeb News - 14/07/2017

A Scottish Office minister has reiterated the Government pledge to maintain EU level farm subsidies until the end of the current parliament. He also said that there will be huge opportunities to grow more, sell more and export more British food after Brexit. British cheese exports rose to 40,000 tonnes in the first quarter of 2017 with strong worldwide promotional activity taking place.

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