FarmWeb News - 05/07/2018

Thursday 05 Jul 2018

An all-party committee of MPs has been convened to look at the future of British dairy exports. The committee will consider the present situation, calling for information from the various Government agencies involved in the sector and what the export strategy should be post-Brexit. Recent price increases for producers have raised optimism with a feeling that a milk price of 30p/litre is achievable.

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FarmWeb News - 07/06/2018

Thursday 07 Jun 2018

Organisations representing the whole of the food chain, from farmers to retailers have joined together to produce the UK Food Chain Manifesto. The document is an appeal to the Government for positive outcomes on trade, labour, regulation and domestic agricultural policy, post Brexit.

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FarmWeb News - 24/05/2018

Thursday 24 May 2018

Global wheat production is forecast at 748m tonnes for the current year, down 11m tonnes on last year’s record crop. Consumption is forecast to exceed production for the first time in six years, driven mainly by increased demand for food production. The forecast has had little impact on prices.

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FarmWeb News - 09/05/2018

Wednesday 09 May 2018

A recent review of machinery and labour costs across 21 farms of various sizes shows annual costs ranging from £288 to £593 per hectare. There was no correlation between farm size and costs, so economies of scale were not being achieved. With machinery spend accounting for up to 30% of wheat production costs farmers are not getting the best value from their machinery and significant savings are possible.

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FarmWeb News - 26/04/2018

Thursday 26 Apr 2018

The Government has requested exemption from the EU three crop rule for the UK for 2018. The rule dictates that three different crops be grown each year to meet diversification requirements. Failure to do so adversely affects subsidy payments. The poor weather in the UK has made compliance difficult, hence the request.

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FarmWeb News - 13/4/2018

Friday 13 Apr 2018

Defra has launched a consultation on animal welfare in transit including a ban on the export of live animals for slaughter, post Brexit. The consultation asks for views on journey times and modes of transport, amongst other things. The Defra minister has indicated a desire to raise welfare standards but is likely to meet opposition on the live export ban from Northern Ireland, in particular, where the trade is worth £70m per year.

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FarmWeb News - 29/3/2018

Thursday 29 Mar 2018

Concerns have been raised over the ability of Defra to cope with a growing amount of Brexit-related work. A rise in projects from 43 to 70 is forecast requiring an increase in staff numbers of 1,200. A budget of £310m has been allocated to Defra to prepare for Brexit.

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FarmWeb News - 15/03/2018

Thursday 15 Mar 2018

A near-total ban is expected on neonicotinoid pesticides after a further assessment by the European Food Safety Authority. It said that there was evidence of a high risk to bees from all outdoor uses of the chemicals. It is likely that use will be allowed in glasshouses. The UK originally opposed the ban but now supports it.

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FarmWeb News - 01/03/2018

Thursday 01 Mar 2018

The number of TB-infected cattle slaughtered in Great Britain last year reached 43,590, an increase of 10% on 2016. The Government is to begin a review of its strategy this month as part of the plan to be disease free by 2038. The plan, covering all aspects of the control and eradication of the disease, began four years ago.

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FarmWeb News - 15/02/2018

Thursday 15 Feb 2018

The repercussions from the recent decision to re-license the weed killer, glyphosate, continue. The EU parliament is to set up a special committee to review authorisation procedures generally and the glyphosate case in particular. The committee will also consider if the relevant EU agencies are adequately funded and staffed.

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FarmWeb News - 01/02/2018

Thursday 01 Feb 2018

Defra has confirmed that farmers will continue to receive the current level of subsidy support until 2022, an additional two years beyond what was promised after the Brexit vote. However, farmers are being urged to use the time to review their business models and land management to reflect subsidies that are likely to focus more on the environment.

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FarmWeb News - 18/01/2018

Thursday 18 Jan 2018

Figures released by the Food and Drink Federation show that UK food and drink exports rose by 15% in the third quarter 2017. Exports to non-EU countries rose at a faster rate, 18%. The share of exports taken by non-EU markets has risen to 41.8% with exports to China rising by 38% to £420m in the first nine months of 2017. Annual food and drink exports exceed £20bn.

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FarmWeb News - 04/01/2018

Thursday 04 Jan 2018

Figures from Defra show that 19,274 badgers were shot, in 19 areas, from September to November 2017, in the latest cull to control the spread of TB in cattle. This is more than were culled in the whole of the previous four years. Defra has indicated that the culls will continue and will be expanded into more areas. TB testing in High Risk Areas is set to increase to once every six months.

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