FarmWeb News - 31/12/2019

Tuesday 31 Dec 2019

A recent report by a soil scientist highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy soil to counteract the worst effects of flooding. It also highlights the episodes of flooding over the last few years cost the country, annually, £1.2bn due to erosion, compaction and loss of organic matter from the soil. An independent study shows that miscanthus, normally grown as a fuel crop, is particularly beneficial to water-logged and flood-prone soils.

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FarmWeb News - 28/11/2019

Thursday 28 Nov 2019

Agricultural insurers are giving more advice to farmers and landowners about fly-tipping having estimated that two-thirds of farmers are affected with over one million incidents reported in the last year. Local councils will not normally clear rubbish from private land, free of charge, but they may investigate and take enforcement action. The Environment Agency investigates larger incidents or where hazardous materials are present or there is a link to criminal activities.

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FarmWeb News - 28/10/2019

Monday 28 Oct 2019

The EU has confirmed the acceptance of the UK’s listed status application (“third country” status) which will allow the export of live animals, meat and dairy products to continue after Brexit. It confirms the UK has met EU standards on animal health and biosecurity but does not affect any tariff barriers that may be raised.

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FarmWeb News - 26/09/2019

Friday 04 Oct 2019

A Government sponsored independent review on support funding has recommended changes to make payment rates more equal over the next two years. The new rates will favour those in upland areas particularly in Wales and Scotland and the Government has allocated £56m in new money to support the review.

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FarmWeb News - 27/08/2019

Tuesday 27 Aug 2019

The Government intends to publish details of a new National Food Strategy, next year. This is the first review of the nation’s food system for 75 years and has been launched to ensure the food industry supports growth, the environment and is resilient to the challenges posed by climate change. Evidence is being gathered from farmers and the public.

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FarmWeb News - 23/07/2019

Tuesday 23 Jul 2019

Following the decision by Natural England to revoke some wild bird management licences, at short notice, Defra assumed authority for them. The new licences issued by Defra have been confirmed as temporary. A broader review of the General Licences will take place in February 2020.

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FarmWeb News - 01/07/2019

Monday 01 Jul 2019

Responding to calls in the media for people to eat less meat for environmental reasons the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association highlights the fact that all systems do not have the same impact. Cattle and sheep that are 100% grass-fed benefit the countryside, overall without the higher carbon footprint of feed grain production.

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FarmWeb News - 23/05/2019

Thursday 23 May 2019

The milk processor co-operative, First Milk, has announced a reduction in prices to producers as from June. Prices have been stable since February. The co-operative has 2,200 members and blames downward pressure on the UK dairy market. Prices across the UK are around 27-29p per litre with a rise in production of 1.1% in the year to date. Meanwhile Arla has confirmed that its price will be unaltered for June.

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FarmWeb News - 08/05/2019

Friday 10 May 2019

The latest farm income forecasts for Wales show that average income is expected to fall by 15% to £29,500 for the year to March 2019. Dairy incomes are likely to be down by 23% and lowland sheep and cattle producers by 29%. The fall is due to pressure on farmgate prices and a significant increase in input costs caused by adverse weather conditions over the last twelve months.

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FarmWeb News - 26/04/2019

Friday 26 Apr 2019

An announcement from the Department for Transport on E10 fuel is expected later this year. The fuel contains 10% bioethanol made from feed wheat and is used in the USA and elsewhere in Europe. Ahead of this announcement an all-party group of MPs has launched an inquiry to promote its introduction which will support farmers, improve the environment and help stabilise the UK bioethanol industry which is currently struggling to survive.

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FarmWeb News - 18/04/2019

Thursday 18 Apr 2019

The most widely used chemical to control leaf spot in barley, Chlorothalonil, has been declared a category 1 carcinogen by the EU. This will lead to it being banned and will be a major setback for growers, especially in Scotland, due to the growing conditions there. The fungicide has been in use for over 50 years both in Europe and elsewhere, without a problem.

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FarmWeb News - 20/03/2019

Wednesday 20 Mar 2019

£5.7m of funding has been allocated to help stamp out BVD, a disease amongst cattle that is estimated to cost the industry over £60m per year in lost performance with 90% of herds having had exposure to it. The campaign will be led by 120 veterinary practices across England covering up to 8,000 farmers.

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FarmWeb News - 07/03/2019

Thursday 07 Mar 2019

Defra has released the Farm Business Income estimates for the year ending February 2019. These show that income from cereals rose by 13% but general cropping fell by 8%. Yields were affected by adverse weather conditions, but cereals benefited from higher prices. Dairy incomes were down by 22% and livestock farmers suffered falls of up to 29%.

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FarmWeb News - 28/02/2019

Thursday 28 Feb 2019

Agricultural Insurers are urging farmers to support the Red Tractor assurance scheme post-Brexit as a guarantee of quality and welfare standards. There is a need to protect the UK market against imports of goods that are sub-standard in terms of quality and welfare. There is concern about competition from the USA which is at odds with the UK on the use of GM, antibiotics and chemical sprays. Defra has said that a “zero-tariff” regime on food imports will not happen and protection for the industry will continue.

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FarmWeb News - 14/02/2018

Thursday 14 Feb 2019

Farmers are being advised to consider growing miscanthus as an alternative crop in the light of future uncertainties. The crop is grown under contract and is used to fire renewable energy power stations supported by long-term government grants. Miscanthus grows well on poorer soils with minimum care and is harvested in the spring before the main cereal harvests.

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FarmWeb News - 24/01/2019

Thursday 24 Jan 2019

The Government’s new clean air strategy is set to impact on farmers. Agriculture is responsible for 88% of UK ammonia gas emissions which can be harmful to human health. Rules will be introduced relating to the safer storage and use of urea-based fertilisers, slurry and manure. Financial and practical help for farmers has been promised. The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers has criticised the proposals forecasting that they will force many small farmers out of business.

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FarmWeb News - 10/01/2019

Thursday 10 Jan 2019

The HSE has reminded farmers that a new series of inspections will begin soon. The safety record in farming remains poor with 33 fatalities in 2017/8. The inspections will include specific attention to the risks associated with machinery, livestock, falls from height and children.

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