The Insurance Industry has worked with the Government to help develop the Employers' Liability Tracing Office (ELTO).  This body has been created to help those who have suffered an injury or disease in the workplace to quickly identify the insurer.

From October 2011, where you purchase Employers' Liability cover (or it is provided automatically as part of the insurance cover) insurers require additional information to comply with the new regulations.  You will be asked for your Employer Reference Number (ERN).  It's sometimes referred to as an Employer PAYE Reference.  The format of the ERN is usually 999/XX99999 or 999/X99999 and can be found on P45/P60 documents and most payslips. The Employer Reference Number should be provided to your Insurance Broker in full.

Where you have Employers' Liability cover but your business is exempt from holding an Employer Reference Number you will need to confirm this to us.

Your insurance company also need to record where you trade as a limited company, i.e. your Companies House Registered address.

Your insurers are required to collect this information for both the parent and any subsidiary companies.

Will all insurers be collecting this information?

Requirements from the FCA now mean that all insurers underwriting Employers' Liability policies will have to collect from their policyholders the Employer Reference Number (ERN) and Companies House registered office address details (where the company status is limited).

What will you do with my information

Your insurers are required to supply your Employers' Liability insurance policy details to the Employers' Liability Tracing Office (ELTO). These details will be added onto the Employers' Liability Database (ELD), which will be managed by ELTO. This database will be accessible by any claimants, and will assist claimants who have suffered an employment related injury or disease arising out of their course of employment in the UK, to find the insurer that was providing Employers' Liability cover during their relevant period of employment and also to find the relevant Employers' Liability insurance policies.

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