Farm Combined - Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

At FarmWeb, we are working hard in these extraordinary times to ensure our Broker Partners and their customers receive the service they need.

We want to keep you up to date so you can respond to your clients' queries about our cover. Please find below the answers to some of our most recent enquiries.



Is Business Interruption due to COVID-19 covered with FarmWeb policies?

Various Government statements, as well as media coverage, have understandably created a great deal of confusion about the general insurance provision of Business Interruption Insurance and how it applies during this pandemic.

To clarify, COVID-19 is NOT covered under our standard Business Interruption Section. The various extensions within Business Interruption provide cover as follows:

  • Denial of Access - this provides cover where Damage (described as accidental loss, destruction or damage) has occurred to either our Insured's premises or another within the vicinity, preventing access.
  • Closure - this covers the interruption where a Public Authority forces closures of premises.  However it is limited to reasons of defective drains or other sanitary arrangements, vermin or pests.
  • Disease - this does provide interruption cover due to various diseases, but since the SARS outbreak in 2003, it has used a specified list of diseases.
  • Public Emergency - this provides cover where actions or advice of a Public Authority prevents or hinders the use of the premises due to an emergency likely to endanger life or property. However, infectious or contagious diseases are specifically excluded from this
  • Dairy Farmers Extension b Uncollected Milk – this provides cover for uncollected milk should the Dairy be unable to collect milk in circumstances outside of the control of the Farmer.  It does not provide cover in situations where the Farm has been closed due to Covid-19, however it would respond if the Dairy was closed due to Covid-19 or if insufficient drivers were available to collect the Milk due to sickness or self-isolation.

Due to the number of reports in the press detailing the impact of Covid-19 on the ability of Dairies to collect milk, going forward, we will only agree to add Uncollected Milk cover mid-contract, or agree to increasing existing limits if we are provided with the name of the Dairy and confirmation that the Farmer has not already been put on notice or pre-notice by the Dairy in terms of the non-collection of milk.

Is there any other cover under my FarmWeb policy that could respond in relation to COVID-19?

  • Sickness Cover – Where cover for Sickness is already operable, the policy will respond subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Please note however that we will not be accepting any more requests for Sickness cover to be added either to new or existing business policies. Nor will we be supporting any requests to increase existing limits. We will however continue to invite cover at renewal in respect of any policies where cover is already in place.
  • Agricultural Wages Board Act Extension – Where this extension is already operable and where the Farmer is responsible under the provisions of the Agricultural Wages Act 1948 the policy will respond subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

The Government is providing additional support and guidance for businesses which you may find helpful. See here.

What do I do if my client's business and/or premises is forced to close and becomes temporarily unoccupied?

The recent Government announcement means more businesses will close and many will be working from home. Therefore, many more properties will be unoccupied for the next few weeks, and potentially beyond.

Within our Farm Combined policies, cover will continue to be in force in respect of any holiday accommodation or residential let that becomes unoccupied for a period of up to 90 consecutive days.

With immediate effect, we will also be extending the period of unoccupancy to 90 consecutive days for any commercial premises (such as a farm shop or farm café), temporarily closing during COVID-19, before we ask to be notified. For any clients whose premises are going to be out of use for longer than this, you need to notify us using your normal FarmWeb contacts.

Any building left unoccupied naturally poses a greater insurance risk and we therefore need businesses to take the following additional measures for the above extension to apply:

  • That the Premises is secured, by putting all protective, locking devices and any alarm protection, in effective operation.
  • Where practical, turn off the gas, water and electricity supplies at the mains (except electricity needed to maintain any fire or intruder alarm systems, or water and heating systems for sprinklered Premises).
  • Where possible, the Insured or their representative should visit once every 7 days to physically check the premises and carry out immediately any work necessary to maintain the security of the premises in all respects.
  • Remove all trade refuse and waste materials from the interior of the Premises, allowing no accumulation of refuse or waste in the adjoining yards or spaces owned by the Insured.
  • All other Conditions requiring Policyholders to take action or respond to intruder alarm activations, faults or other maintenance-related matters will continue to apply unless otherwise agreed to be impractical due to COVID19 Government-directed actions limiting or restricting the movement of people.

The importance of keeping Children safe on Farms during the Covid-19 outbreak

Please see here for the latest HSE Agricultural e-Bulletin responding to Covid-19 and the importance of keeping Children safe on Farms.

We are ready to adapt during these uncertain times, and we are doing all we can to support you as you go about your business. We thank you for your patience and understanding during these trying times.

Let's all work together to provide the service and support our clients need.


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