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Plant and farm machinery can be especially vulnerable to theft, in fact plant theft costs the UK around £1 million every week with 95% of stolen vehicles never being recovered. Aside from the physical loss of the plant and the inconvenience this can cause there is also the subsequent disruption to the business, especially if that machine is used seasonally.

When you consider that £70 million worth of plant and agricultural equipment is stolen every year it's clear that agricultural machinery tracking is vitally important to protect your assets.  FarmWeb have teamed up with TRACKER who have the most advanced Stolen Vehicle Recovery equipment on the market today.  Plant tracking from TRACKER can ensure your stolen assets are quickly recovered with minimal interruption to your business.  Did you know where tracking devices are fitted that 58% of stolen plant and agricultural machinery is recovered in 24 hours? Using TRACKER you can also ensure plant usage is monitored and checked for compliance to agreed contract terms.

TRACKER has specially designed products for agricultural machinery whether it is powered or not, and fitting the tracking devices can also reduce your insurance premiums.  Below is a summary of the products and their benefits:

  • Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve has its own built in power source
    so it's perfect for your valuable trailers & attachments
  • TRACKER Monitor automatically alerts you if your vehicle is stolen
    without it's ignition turned on.  Once
    you confirm your vehicle has been stolen the Policy are alerted.  Once located TRACKER will send a uniformed
    guard to wait with your vehicle anywhere in mainland Great Britain
  • TRACKER Plant gives you detailed fleet knowledge such as vehicle
    servicing times, running hours and the exact location of your assets at all
    times.  A comprehensive solution to theft
    recovery and overall fleet management

TRACKER also supports CESAR, the official plant and equipment registration scheme for construction and agriculture endorsed by the Home Office.

Farm equipment tracking allows you to receive alerts when vehicles or machinery are removed from your premises and significantly increases the chance of swift recovery in the unfortunate event of a theft. This means youcan get back to work faster to minimise disruption and loss of earnings, especially at time critical periods like harvest season.

Being a FarmWeb policyholder gives you exclusive rates for installation of any TRACKER product and the cost includes hardware, installation and also one years' subscription.



       Reduced installation cost ex VAT*

      TRACKER Plant


     TRACKER Monitor


     TRACKER Battery Powered Retrieve



  • Increased protection to vehicles and reducing the risk and potential of business downtime as a result of theft.
  • TRACKER is the UK's leading stolen vehicle recovery system.     
  • FarmWeb customers receive a preferential rate of installation against all products  
  • Additional saving on insurance costs against vehicles
  • Peace of mindas it is an easy and cost effective/long term way of protecting valuable farm equipment;
  • Reduces potential business downtime which results from thefts, which often occurs at the most crucial time, for example, harvest.

*Source: Theft Equipment Register

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