Farm Risk Review

A farm insurance risk review can be complex and lengthy but will provide a thorough assessment of all your insurable assets.  It’s important that time is set aside to complete the task as you may need to depend on insurance coverage to protect your livelihood should the worst happen.

FarmWeb Insurance Brokers will be able to help you consider the value of machinery, crops. Livestock, farm & domestic buildings and their contents to ensure you would be adequately covered.  FarmWeb Insurance Brokers are fully aware of the not so obvious hazards & risks that are present in the farming environment and their expert knowledge can help guide you to make the right decisions for your business.  Most agricultural related businesses are complex which is why FarmWeb appoint Insurance Brokers who are specialists and have a proven track record of handling of farm insurance risks.  Generally, you should expect a risk review to be completed at each renewal date of your policy to ensure your business is being protected and the premium should reflect the risk that is presented – nothing more, nothing less.