Reduce Carbon Footprint

Global warming is no longer thought about in terms of something our descendants will need to concern themselves with, it is happening now; it will impact us and our children in our lifetimes.  Managing risk in the next 100 years is going to be as much about managing our collective environmental risk as it is about managing the risks associated with your own agricultural businesses.  The most well managed farm will survive no better than the worst if severe climate change results in increasingly severe weather conditions.

FarmWeb want to further raise awareness of the long term benefits and encourage our Policyholders to make small changes which collectively can have an overall positive effect.

The following information has been provided by the Energy Saving Trust who are a source of free advice and information for people across the UK looking to save energy, conserve water and reduce waste.  Furthermore, the energy saving Trust’s purpose is to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by helping people to use energy more efficiently, conserve water, reduce waste and make renewable energy sources more accessible.  They also help people choose greener ways to travel at home and at work.  The site will help you understand more about:

  • What do we mean by carbon?
  • What is a carbon footprint
  • Why do we use carbon footprints?
  • How can you measure your carbon footprint?
  • Suggestions to help reduce your carbon footprint, such as
    • insulating your home
    • buying energy-efficient appliances
    • switching off electronics at the wall
    • walking, cycling or using public transport
    • holidaying closer to home

You can estimate your carbon footprint using the online calculator at the Gov UK website