Farm Combined

An inclusive single policy covering all aspects of agricultural insurance. With many areas of insurance to consider on a farm cover is available for all farm property, livestock and protecting the Farmer against legal liabilities in many areas. Cover can be tailormade to suit the requirements of the individual farm, maintaining one policy, one renewal date and one premium collection. Your farm is your livelihood, protecting it is a priority.

Farm Property

A wide range of covers are available for all types of farm property including buildings, fixed machinery, stock and tools following damage by insured perils. In addition to fire and dry perils, storm, escape of water and theft covers are also available depending on your requirements. We can also consider coverage for flood, accidental damage and subsidence depending on the individual risk features. Some coverage may also be available for renewable energies such as solar panels and biomass boilers depending on the individual risk features.

Business Interruption

Often misunderstood, this complex area of insurance can be a real “business saver”. Business Interruption cover is designed to replace lost revenue following an insured loss.  For example, a fire in a grain store immediately after harvest or even substantial damage to a milking parlour which renders the machinery unusable.  A complex subject but a business essential. Coverage for Milk Contamination and / or Uncollected Milk is also available under our Business Interruption Section and can be found in the Dairy Farmers Extension (see Extension R)


Cover can be arranged for all livestock belonging to, or in the farmer’s custody or control for loss from insured perils. Extensions for theft, straying, transit, worrying and certain diseases are also available. Mortality & fertility cover is available for breeding livestock where appropriate, subject to additional information being provided.

Farm Liabilities

Public liability is a core cover provided by our policy to protect you as the landowner or occupier against actions taken against you where members of the public may have suffered a loss or injury as a result of your negligence. Employers’ liability is a statutory cover for anyone employing individuals on any basis – full, part time or voluntary. This will protect you as an employer against actions taken against you where employees may suffer a loss or injury as a result of your negligence.

Farm Money & Assault

Insurance is available for loss of Business Money including Damage to safes, damage to clothing & personal effects following theft or attempted theft. Cover also includes generous limits to cover the cost of obtaining duplicate cattle passports. In the event of an injury by violence benefits are payable for specific injuries sustained and associated medical expenses.

Personal Accident & Sickness

You can choose to insure individuals within the business to provide a benefit payable in the event of accident or sickness. Varying scales of cover are available and can also be provided for a specified person or blanket basis for all staff. Pre-existing medical conditions will be excluded.

Farm Property in Transit

This section covers farm equipment, stock and produce whilst being loaded & in transit by road, rail or inland air freight. Cover automatically extends to include damage to packing materials, personal effects of driver/attendant and additional costs necessarily incurred in continuing the transportation.

All Risks

Farm covers are generally offered on a “specified peril” basis but this section allows you to insure specific items or equipment on an “all risks” basis – that is providing cover for any accidental damage and also providing cover away from the main farm premises.  Cover is available for loss or damage to items insured anywhere in the UK, Europe or even Worldwide if appropriate. Breakdown coverage for bulk milk tanks can be found under this section.

Deterioration of Frozen Food and/or Refrigerated Food

Cover available for Deterioration, contamination of refrigerated foods caused by breakdown, escape of refrigerant or electricity supply failure.

Machinery Breakdown and Statutory Inspection

This section provides breakdown, collapse and explosion cover to items of machinery & plant at the Farm. Inspection services to satisfy statutory requirements can also be arranged on specific items of plant.

Commercial Legal Protection

This section provides peace of mind cover to the Farmer against the potential costs of legal action brought against him by another individual or Company. Legal expenses insurance coverage for the legal fees charged (including expenses incurred) by the law firm representing the Farmer in usually unforeseen legal matters. These can include employment disputes, contract & tenancy disputes, legal defence, property protection and Tax Protection.

Farm Home Buildings and Contents

As well as providing cover for the commercial aspects of your farm we can also include cover for your domestic dwellings and contents, all under the same policy, with the same renewal date. Extensions are also available for items away from the home, valuables and personal money. Personal liabilities are covered up to £5M.

Environmental Impairment Liability

The background

Changes to legislation which came into force in England on 1st March 2009 mean that a standard Public Liability policy could leave farmers financially exposed. The Regulations were introduced to ensure the UK complies with the European directive and is designed to ensure the ‘polluter pays’.

Farmers need to understand the changes and insurance implications of the Environmental Damage (Prevention and Remediation) Regulations 2009 and where the inherent risks lie. Our current policy wording already provides

  • public liability cover as standard
  • including claims arising from sudden and accidental pollution incidents
  • Statutory clean-up costs of up to £1M
  • Extension to cover the clear up costs of polluting or contaminating substances on own property and land

However, whilst there is currently no compulsory insurance requirement under the Regulations, it is recommended that policies are reviewed to establish the extent of cover provided to meet the wider aspects of environmental clean-up and the 2009 Directive of providing additional compensatory or complimentary remediation.

Cover enhancement

To increase the protection for our new and existing customers, we extended our Policy cover to reflect the up to date Directive requirements, providing Environmental liability coverage under Section 7

  • gradual pollution and contamination incidents,
  • costs & expenses you are ordered to pay
  • environmental statutory clean-up
  • remediation costs of up to £1 million in any one period of insurance.
  • an added optional enhancement to increase the limit of indemnity £2 million is also available.

The Regulations say that any person or company who controls an activity or is in charge of it should prevent, limit or remediate serious environmental damage. This includes protecting nature, natural habitats, sites of special scientific interest, surface or ground water and land.

Our policy wording includes an environmental Retroactive Date providing a continuation of cover which provides continual cover from the date the cover was first purchased by the Insured, albeit from an alternative provider, ensuring no break in cover.


Many farmers have diversified into different areas to make the most of their valuable land and property.  FarmWeb are happy to provide cover for a wide range of diversification activities and have an extended definition of agriculture to be:

Use of land, buildings, plant & resources for the growing of crops and/or the rearing of animals.  (Excluding: aquaculture, horticulture/glasshouses, forestry and Timber & Garden Centres)

This definition has been further enhanced and now includes many additional activities such as

  • neighbourly/reciprocal agricultural contracting,
  • bed and breakfast accommodation up to 3 bedrooms,
  • school visits and farm open days,
  • private shoots for up to 10 days per annum,
  • some charity events,
  • rural controls on own premises,
  • hiring out of own farm animals for stud purposes (excluding horses),
  • charity events, fetes, BBQs, barn dances and cocktail parties, as fundraising events for up to 100 people,
  • retail sales of home grown produce including farmers markets, unless the produce has been processed,
  • letting of land for caravans and / or tents,
  • sale of own grown hay and straw for animal feed purposes.

In addition there are many activities that FarmWeb can cater for, subject to additional information.  These include:

  • commercial & residential property letting,
  • livery yards,
  • fishing rights,
  • hay & straw dealing (depending on the individual risk features),
  • food & drink manufacturers,
  • outside caterers,
  • organic breweries,
  • and many more…..

Our FarmWeb members are knowledgeable in commercial insurances as well as agricultural to ensure your needs are fully represented.