Farm Motor

All vehicles used on and around the farm and associated business are covered under a single fleet rated policy with one renewal date.

Full cycle eTrade solution with instant documentation including certificates through Acturis or the NIG HUB depending on your choice of system.

Referrals only above certain limits for example:

  • Agricultural vehicles above £200,000
  • Goods carrying vehicles above 26ton
  • Private cars above ABI group 39
  • Loss ratio above 55%

Agricultural contracting above 50%

Comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party cover options

  • New for old replacement following total loss accident, fire or theft within one year of registration as new in your name (cost of repair exceeds 50%)
  • Agricultural vehicles (no limit on value)
  • Private cars (including laid up cover)
  • Goods carrying vehicles (including laid up cover)
  • Cover available for trailers, agricultural implements or machines, whether attached or detached covered up to £100,000 any one item
  • Replacement glass cover using national network of installers
  • Up to £15,000 for accessories and spare parts (including GPS navigation systems) which relate directly to the function of the Agricultural Vehicle.
  • Various driving restrictions to suite the need of the farmer
  • Additional business use to accommodate diversifications a farmer may undertake
  • Free 24 hour business advice service – unlimited access to a team of solicitors & other legal experts for 24 hour confidential legal advice
  • Online claim notification through our website

Legal liability for death, injury and damage

  • £20M limit for private car third party property damage, £5M indemnity limit for commercial vehicle third party property limit. Unlimited liability for death or bodily injury to any person in accordance with the Road Traffic Act (1988).

Personal accident benefits

  • Benefits payable to the Insured or anybody licensed to drive and employed in the business for death or loss of limbs/sight

Personal effects cover

  • Cover for belongings in your private car & goods carrying vehicles


  • Non standard security upgrades e.g.vehicle trackers, immobilisers and alarms
  • CESAR datatag
  • Voluntary excesses
  • Restricted driving